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Rapid Recovery Program

The Mokena Police Department and Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA) have joined forces with Care Trak Incorporated to provide a life-saving system to locate missing individuals who may be affected by Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Down Syndrome or other neurological disorders.  This system has proven itself to be reliable, practical and affordable.

Rapid Recovery participants wear personalized wrist bands that emit a tracking signal 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  When a care giver notifies the Mokena Police Department that a person is missing, a Search and Rescue Team responds and begins searching with the mobile tracking system that can greatly reduce search times.

The Rapid Recovery wrist band, about the size of a wrist watch, is a highly water resistant one ounce battery operated wrist transmitter which emits an automatic tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day.  The signal can be tracked on the ground, in a vehicle, or from an aircraft.

Because each wrist band has a unique radio frequency, the Mokena Police Department’s Rapid Recovery Search Team can be better equipped to facilitate a successful search and potentially locate the person who has wandered away from home.

Contact the Mokena Police Department (Crime Prevention Officer) to schedule an appointment to learn more about the Rapid Recovery Program.  To be accepted, care givers must abide by and sign program terms and conditions that require constant supervised in-home care of the participant.


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